7 Billionaire People Who Started Off Dirt-Poor

7 Billionaire People Who Started Off Dirt-Poor

K. Rowling was a single parent on welfare while composing Harry Potter.

J. K. Rowling

Born in the United Kingdom, J. K. Rowling was sitting on a delayed train when she thought the idea for the Harry Potter book series. It took her seven years to complete the first book, during which time her mom passed away, she brought forth her first kid, she separated from her first husband and lived as a single parent on welfare. Presently she is recognized as being the first billion-dollar author.

In the wake of Rowling’s mom passed on, she moved to Portugal to show English as a foreign language. She met and married a man there and they had a little girl. However, the marriage was short, and soon she was separated and living back in Edinburgh, Scotland, jobless and with no money.

From that point onward, her book series has sold in excess of 450 million copies and was adjusted into an effective film series. She is expected to have made about $1.2 billion from the brand she made, which incorporates books, movies, theme parks, and TV. Forbes estimates that she has given more than $160 million of that away to charities foundations.

Howard Schultz donated his blood to pay for his college before launching Starbucks.

Howard Schultz

The man who changed the espresso business and worth an estimated $2.8 billion (Forbes 2018) experienced his early days in a lodging rooms in Brooklyn. At the point when Schultz was 7, his dad, a truck driver, broke his lower leg at work. He had no medical coverage or worker’s pay and the family was left with no salary. It was a pivotal turning point for Schultz, who has said he saw the misery and sadness his folks experienced during that time.

To fund for college, Schultz worked as a bartender and even sold his very own blood. In the mid-1980s he joined Starbucks, which had only a couple of stores in the Seattle zone. He saw the potential for the little brand to develop broadly while keeping up a quality item.

Unable to persuade the organization of his vision, he wound up leaving, just to secure the brand in 1987. America immediately built up a taste for Starbucks, and the company opened up to the world in 1992. By 2000, Starbucks had developed into a universally perceived brand with in excess of 3,500 stores and $2.2 billion in yearly incomes.

Do Won Chang maintained 3 sources of income and 19-hour days before launching Forever 21.

Do Won

Do Won Chang and his better half, Jin Sook, emigrated to the U.S. from South Korea, settling in Los Angeles. Do Won promptly secured positions in a neighborhood café and a service station, and after that began his own office-cleaning business, where he filled in for late shifts.

While elevating gas, he saw that the individuals who drove the most delightful cars worked in the article of the clothing industry. This motivated him to take work in a dress store. He and his wife, in the long run, pooled their reserve funds to launch their very own store, called Fashion 21. It turned into the first of around 790 stores in the effective Forever 21 chain. What’s more, presently the man who used to work 19-hour days to get by has expected total assets of $3.3 billion (Forbes 2018).

Do Won concentrated on stocking his racks with discount close-out product gained straightforwardly from manufacturers at discounted costs. The plan of action worked so well that his first store, which had just 900 square feet of room, hit $700,000 the first year. From that point, Do Won and Jin Sook started opening a store at regular intervals. They currently have stores in 48 nations.


Larry Ellison dropped out of college twice before discovering his actual calling at Oracle.

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle Corporation, was born to a single parent and dropped out of college twice before he discovered his direction. His global database programming and technology company has yearly incomes of over $37 billion, and Forbes calculates Ellison’s total assets to be $56.5 billion (2018). However, Ellison started life as a wiped out youngster. He was adopted by his mom’s auntie and uncle after he caught pneumonia as an infant.

Ellison at first did well in college and was named science student of the year, however, he dropped out after his adoptive mother passed away. He selected at a distinct college however he left after one semester.

With minimal money to his name, he moved to Berkeley, California, where he went through 10 years jumping from job to job. He, in the end, turned into a software engineer at Amdahl and took a shot at the first IBM-good mainframe computer framework. From that point, he and two colleagues founded Software Development Labs and handled an agreement to assemble a database the board framework for the CIA, which they called Oracle.

After IBM marked on to use Oracle, the company hit a noteworthy growth outbreak, multiplying deals each year for the following seven years. Ellison renamed the organization after his best-selling product and by 1992 the organization was the pioneer in the database-the board domain. He has been positioned the fifth-wealthiest person on the planet.

Jan Koum functioned as a janitor and gathered food stamps before launching WhatsApp.

Jan Koum


WhatsApp founder Jan Koum went from living on welfare and filling in as a janitor to making one of the most all-inclusive popular messaging application. Koum was born in Ukraine. He and his mom moved to the U.S. when he was 16, settling in Mountain View, California.

His mom looked after children Koum worked in a supermarket. He educated himself computer networking by studying old manuals, and in the long run, found employment at Yahoo. There he met Brian Acton, who later become a co-founder of WhatsApp. Koum was launched to dispatch WhatsApp in the wake of purchasing an iPhone and understanding the capability of the developing application industry.


John Paul DeJoria was poor and roofless before he discovered his talent in hair care.

John Paul DeJoria

Just think of living out of your vehicle and to sell shampoo and conditioner with the expectations of one day becoming popular. Sounds like a fantasy, true? In any case, John Paul DeJoria did only that, setting the hair-care company John Paul Mitchell Systems with his associate when the two pooled $700 to launch their business.

DeJoria went on to help establish Patron Spirits Company and the House of Blues dance club chain, just as having interests in various different organizations. He is worth a predicted $3.4 billion, as per Forbes (2018).

As a kid, DeJoria lived for some time in a foster home in East Los Angeles and joined a road pack as an adolescent. He suffered being shelter-less a few times, including when his then-wife left DeJoria and their baby child, taking all their cash with her. He wound up working for a few diverse hair-care organizations and turned into a capable sales rep.

Although, he continued getting eliminated, frequently on the grounds that he didn’t fit in with the organization. He and a hairdresser friend, Paul Mitchell, chose to start a business together, with the objective of selling luxury items at reasonable costs. The business struggled for a long time before it began to take off. His company turned into the leading beauty company to stand strong against animal testing.


From a poor Mississippi ranch, Oprah Winfrey turned into an incredible anchorperson.

Oprah Winfrey

The lady currently known as the “Queen of All Media” ascended from destitution to turn into the most-watched daytime TV program have. Oprah Winfrey was born on a small farm in Mississippi to a single parent and was at first raised by her grandma, who could just afford to dress her in potato sacks.

She had difficult, unbalanced teens, typically with little supervision, and was attacked by relatives. In her high schooler years, her dad made education an essential focus. She won at speaking competition and consequently a full scholarship to Tennessee State University. She started working in local media as a youngster and in the end found a job as an anchor on A.M. Chicago, a morning talk program.

Her style charmed viewers and she directed the show, which was immediately turned into an insane success. Before long she was offered an acting assignment in the screen adaptation of The Color Purple, which raised the beginning of her acting job. The Oprah Winfrey Show turned into her mark achievement, with 10 million watchers day by day. She is the third lady in history to own and produce her very own show. Her name has turned into an empire. Forbes gauges her total assets to be $2.8 billion (2018).

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