26,840 Kia Seltos SUV Sold Within 70 Days


Kia Motors India has grown to be the fifth-biggest vehicle raiser in the country, two months after its onset with Seltos, an average size game service transport. The company transmitted 26,840 units of Seltos throughout this time.

While October, which had a great amount of recognition, the South Korean company stated wholesales of 12,859 units, higher than patrons like Renault, Volkswagen, Nissan, and Ford.

Kia’s Andhra Pradesh factory has an annual sale of 3 lakh units and the company has as of late started the following move to accommodate the business for its primary object.

“Kia Motors India has just become more than 60,000 nominations for the Seltos till now and to ensure the comfortable and compatible vehicle Kia has fired the following move to enhance the production at its creation office in Anantapur. The company additionally administered that it won’t close the appointments as the brand’s factory is thoroughly outfitted for serving the growing demand for the Seltos,” said the company in an official announcement.


Kia, SAIC Motor-possessed MG Motor and PSA’s Citroen are the 3 automakers set to join the family show this year and the accompanying. Of the three, Kia has so distant showed the most effective method for India as it will start its journey with a goal of 300,000 wheels every year and 265 touch centers—a combination of companies and management concentrates—vertically over 160 urban centers. The backup of Hyundai Motor Group has put approximately $1 billion in India.

“Kia’s idea of knowledge is often about holding a consistent brand in India as long as achievable. We have carried out a lot of activities from other contender labels. Therefore, we need to be the most appreciated in the initial step,” said Kookhyun Shim, managing chief, and CEO, Kia Motors India in a conference with Mint on August 22.



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